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Russian Scientists Provide Key New Info About Why Russians Aren't Getting COVID (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Meet some PhD's from the school of life.

Transcript follows below.

Here's another good video from 2014, depicting life in the Russian countryside.


Привет, civilized world, stay well

This is Russia from the belly of hell

We know your, suffer from coronavirus so hard


What’s the remedy – let’s take shit apart

First: Our blood is full of alcohol

The whole life is a fall to a black hole

Authorities hypnotize us und sell us

But we have no infected fellas in our favelas

Second one is our poverty level

We go for a walk from coffin to devil

Our monthly subsistence rate

You spend every day in pub with your mate

That’s what the virus gonna hate

Third - we just don’t give a shit

Here’s our cheat known by every chit

Rase your hand higher then let it fall

And say very loud: «ya togo rot ebal»

This is it, this is how we do it, motherfucker

To kill сoronavirus we don’t need an AK

Look at the hood we live: mess, all the way

Virus sees my room and he runs away

Instead of a threat to be infected anywhere

You also risk being eaten by polar bear

Being killed by policeman, to kill policeman

To die in jail for the wrong music you listen

This is Russia, motherfucker, no time to panic

No security, no privacy, no peace, no money

We can’t keep the pace from going first to space

The virus says: «sorry, I choose the wrong place»

Probably somebody blessed our nation

Now we hustle like Umbrella Corporation

We sell toilet paper for a golden price

We can survive nuclear winter with buckwheat and rice

We are afraid of no menace of any grade

We have lost any ability of being afraid

We made Napoleon fugue and Hitler Caput

We walk on the spirit of salt on foot


Stop behaving like on Titanic

The best friend of pandemia is panic

We wish you all to be healthy and wise

Freakout fall is the planet rise, yeah

From Russia with love, motherfuckers

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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