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Russian Schools Do Not Teach 'Sex Ed' - Popular Russian Priest Explains Why It Promotes Perversion (Video)

It pushes children on the way of perversions instead of family happiness. 

The priest, Artemy Vladimirov, is hugely popular in Russia. He is ubiquitous on TV.


 - Father, what about sex education? Does this discipline prepare people for adult life, or on the contrary pervert them? 

 - Fortunately, we don't have this discipline in Russia. It is in England, France, Germany, and I would call this discipline sex crime instead of sex education. This... (sneezes). That is my reaction on the subject! 

 - Bless you! 

 - Bless you thrice! 

This is like harakiri which kills morality and ethics in children, turning them into moral monsters. It pushes children on the way of perversions instead of family happiness. But in our tradition we had it as well in Soviet times. Surely family ethics should be learnt instead. We teachers, first and foremost, should teach children from a very young age that the word 'Mother' is a precious one. 

These days we have proposals to start celebrating Father's day in Russia. For example, in Germany there is 'Vatertag' already. Because we should set the role of the father as a breadwinner and a parent on a pedestal, to motivate children at nursery school to become mothers and fathers. 

Not when they are 12-13 years old, but when they become fully mature and responsible enough to say, "I love you! Will you marry me?". 

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