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Russian Pranksters Convince Nikki Haley There Is a Country Called 'Binomo'

"the audio from this 22-minute conversation reveals the dark depths of her stupidity"

Two Russian comedians apparently managed to get the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, on the phone after the UN vote on the Jerusalem issue. Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov connected with her by impersonating the Prime Minister of Poland. Sure, we already knew she was an imbecile. However, the audio from this 22-minute conversation reveals the dark depths of her stupidity:

At 11:22 into the call, the pranksters decided to sink the knife in. They brought up the issue of a fictional locale of “Binomo” in the South China Sea, which had just taken a vote for independence. The comedian implied that Russian “intervention” was to blame, and Haley assured him, “Yes, of course they did. Absolutely,” because the US has been “watching very closely.”

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In the mind of Nikki Haley, the non-existent people of Binomo must have fallen victim to a pervasive campaign by Russia to sow chaos across the globe through the instigation of separatist movements.

So, Binomoans can be included in the same ranks as the Western rubes who supported:

-The 2016 Trump Campaign
-Catalan Secession

After all, to people like her, there simply are no rational motives to support these causes. Therefore, these populations had to be duped by the Russians in order to entertain such thoughts. That is most likely the thought process going on in the head of a moron like Nikki Haley. It also aligns perfectly with the MSM narratives that shape her vapid and belligerent discourse.

We can see that this line of unthinking is very attractive. That’s why it’s been embraced by pathetic figures like Senator Ben Sasse. Earlier this year, he denounced Richard Spencer in an unhinged Twitter rant that attributed both the motives of our movement and the controversy over kneeling during the National Anthem directly to Russian interference. The profuse adulation bestowed upon him by the MSM didn’t change the fact that he demonstrated striking idiocy to anyone who is not themselves an idiot.

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While the Russia hysteria certainly can be a frustrating sideshow that distracts from our fight to avert the demise of Western Civilization, we still ought to enjoy it. It’s been raging for more than a year now, and time has proven it to be a really self-destructive process on the part of our enemies. It’s extinguishing whatever credibility they have left with anyone who doesn’t desperately want to believe the nonsense.

Moreover, it’s wrecking the reputation of institutions like the FBI. There are damning revelations emerging about everything from Hillary Clinton’s laughable exoneration on the email scandal to the fraudulent source of the entire Russiagate controversy itself. During the campaign, these were matters of discussion in right-wing media that were summarily dismissed by the mainstream. Over the past month, the names, criminal activity, and general incompetence of the specific people involved have begun to be disclosed. There’s more coming once gears start turning in DC after the holidays.

The fact that an investigation and the MSM's raging about Russia have lasted for over a year means that this can’t just go away. Expect big, bad things for them in 2018. In order to discredit Trump and movements like ours, the Establishment basically lit its own house on fire. Now, the flames are finally starting to reach their toes.

A mild prediction for 2018 would be that it’s the year that they go back to simply screaming “Nazi!” at us rather than continuing with this patently absurd Russia narrative. It’s naïve to hope that they would ever attempt to logically or factually dispute the core tenets of our movement. But, it seems they’ll be forced to spend much of run-up to the mid-terms attempting to put out their own blazes rather than attacking us.

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