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Russian Pilots Returning From Syria Get a Hero's Welcome

International Business Times relays a Russian rerport:

The pilots were met by a large, flag-carrying delegation of senior officers as well as their wives and children after they touched down at an aerodrome near the southern Russian city of Voronezh. Some of the pilots were carried on the shoulders of their fellow soldiers, while others were given flowers and balloons.

The head of Russia’s air force, Gen. Viktor Bondarev, was present among the welcoming party and told pilots all their bombs had been on target, according to state-owned news agency RIA Novosti.

The hero’s welcome for the returning soldiers was shown live on state-owned television amid regular updates on the Russian jets departing in waves from their Syrian base and analysis of Moscow’s bombing campaign in Syria, which has been hailed as a triumph by Kremlin-friendly media and Russian officials.







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