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Russian Pilots Arriving Home From Syria Given Hero's Welcome [Video]

Russian pilots are greeted in the traditional Slavic way - by beautiful maidens in national dress baring bread and salt 

What follows is a touching video from our YouTube channel taken from the Russian Defense Ministry, showing the return of Russian pilots from Syria to their homeland.

Their mission is truly accomplished, as it had specific parameters: to halt and then destroy terrorists in Syria, allowing the Syrian army to regain control of the country. Unlike the US and its Middle Eastern Expeditions, or the gleeful predictions from its sick pundits that Syria would become a new Afghanistan for Russia, Russia did not repeat these mistakes.

The majority of her forces are already coming home, and with them, they will bring priceless combat experience, as well as the memory of fallen comrades. The way in which they are greeted, with bread and salt, is an ancient Slavic tradition to greet important guests and honoured guests, but it is the greeting of their family members that are most precious to them.

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