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Russia Evacuates Nationals of 19 Countries from Yemen, Including US Citizens

After the US left its citizens stranded in Yemen, Russia has evacuated them from the war-torn country.

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MOSCOW, April 12 (TASS) - A ship of Russia's naval forces has evacuated some 308 nationals, including 45 Russians, from war-torn Yemen, a defence ministry spokesman said on Sunday.

The ministry official, General-Major Igor Konashenkov, told TASS: "The Russian navy ship Priazovye has evacuated some 308 people from Yemen’s coast."

<figcaption>The Russian ship has helped people leave the conflict safely, regardless of nationality</figcaption>
The Russian ship has helped people leave the conflict safely, regardless of nationality

"Among those evacuated from the zone of military operations near [the southern port of] Aden are nationals of 19 countries," Konashenkov said, noting some 45 citizens of the Russian Federation, 18 citizens of the United States, five citizens of Great Britain, one citizen of Bulgaria, six citizens of Estonia, 14 citizens of Ukraine, nine citizens of Belarus, three citizens of Turkmenistan, eight citizens of Uzbekistan, five citizens of Azerbaijan, one citizen of Bahrein, five citizens of Djibouti, 159 citizens of Yemen, one citizen of Somali, three citizens of Palestine, 13 citizens of Jordan, nine citizens of Cuba, two citizens of Egypt and one citizen of Saudi Arabia.

"All the evacuated citizens are safe on board the Russian ship that will bring them to Djibouti by [Sunday] morning," he said.

The reconnaissance ship Priazovye conducted anti-piracy activities in the Gulf of Aden, Konashenkov added.

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