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Russian Military Academy Students Keep Tradition Alive With 19th c. Waltzing Ball (Video)

" Poise, discipline, etiquette. They’re only a small part of what the Federal Protective Service cadets are taught."

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The Defenders Day Ball is just another example of the Russian love for tradition.  Russia is the embodiment of the high ideals that the West formerly displayed in times past.

The following clip taken from Russian nightly news with transcript below shows just another example of high society in Russia

At this moment, the first ball of the Federal Protective Service cadets is coming to an end on the Red Square, in the GUM building. On the eve of the Defender's Day, 200 boys and girls showed the feeling of rhythm, grace, and poise to the sounds of waltz and polonaise.

Vladimir Starikov will tell about his impression.

They are 15, it’s their first ball, and not in any place, but near the Kremlin walls. They don’t look nervous at all. Poise, discipline, etiquette. They’re only a small part of what the Federal Protective Service cadets are taught.

"Shooting, lining art, marching. We can shoot from the Kalashnikov machine gun and rifles, everyone gets surprised and even a little envious."

There are also thorough studies of history, game sports, and swimming. Cadets spend 10 hours a day in schools.

"The day is so busy that we come home very late. We only have time for homework and to rest a bit."

"The experience we're getting can be useful even to an ordinary man. First of all, we learned to be independent and responsible for what we do."

Cadets also study ballroom dance. Girls help guys with this. There are also a lot of them in special classes. Polonaise, waltz, but they also study the same disciplines as boys.

"- I like marching.

- Marching?

- Yes.

- What do you like about it?

- Precision!”

The movement of the FPS cadets, which began with one class, grew to an entire cohort. Two hundred boys and girls. They study at a regular school with daily supplementary classes.

Natalya Sorokina, curator of cadet classes in School 1574: "This isn’t just a regimentation, it’s a comprehensive development of personality. And, most importantly, I’ll say it again, is a respectful attitude towards everything around, and the desire to be useful."

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Vladimir Belanovsky, the FPS deputy director: "Military training, physical training, choreography, history, music allow, in my opinion, to form full-fledged citizens, patriots of our country."

In 2017, the Federal Protective Service cadets graduated for the first time. Most of them successfully enrolled in prestigious universities, many went to military schools. The FPS officials plan to create a separate cadet corps.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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