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Problem for Russia Liberals: They're Unelectable

There is no such thing as a liberal politician the Russians would vote for. Mikhail Prokhorov is the most popular of the lot and he polls at 1%

This article originally appeared at True Economics

Recently, I wrote about the sorry state of the Russian liberal democratic opposition and Putin's strong showing in public ratings. Here is another data set, this time reflecting this week's data:

Q: Imagine that next Sunday there will be presidential election in Russia. Which politicians would you give your vote to? President Putin's share of the vote:

Here's the link to longer-dated series and a snapshot from the same (I omit spoiled votes and those who are not planning to vote):

I have trouble spotting viable liberal opposition that can be supported by a democratic regime change. But may be I am just not seeing something... like it or not, but these are the numbers we have...

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