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Russian Jets Unleash Hell on Idlib After Ceasefire Talks With Turkey Collapse

On Thursday over five Russian fighter jets began launching airstrikes over the Idlib Governorate following the collapse of ceasefire talks with Turkey.

According to a military source in northwestern Syria, the ceasefire talks collapsed after Turkey demanded that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) withdraw from all the areas they captured in northwestern Hama.

The Russian military reportedly rejected Turkey’s demands and restarted their aerial campaign over the Idlib province.

Russian warplanes pounded al-Qaeda held Idlib on Thursday.

The Syrian Air Force had already launched airstrikes over the Idlib Governorate on Thursday, but the Russian military had only carried out limited attacks due to their ceasefire talks with Turkey.

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The source added that the Syrian Army has yet to receive the green light to resume their ground offensive against the jihadist forces in northwestern Hama.

The Turkish regime had been pushing for a new ceasefire deal around the Idlib deescalation zone after their rebel allies lost a great deal of territory in northwestern Hama.

Speaking to Al-Masdar from Damascus, a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officer said that Ankara is pushing Moscow for an open-ended ceasefire in northwestern Syria.

The officer said Turkey wants to prevent any more Syrian Army advances in northwestern Syria, while also demanding that the latter withdraw from the areas they recently captured.

He added that Russia is resisting Turkey’s pleas because they have made similar requests in the past and they have repeatedly failed to deliver on their promises.

Turkey was supposed to force the rebel groups to withdraw from the demilitarized zone last October; however, the militant groups remained inside this region, prompting the Syrian military to increase their presence along the front-lines.

As of now, the Syrian Army has halted its offensive in northwestern Syria, but this could change in the coming days if Russia and Turkey cannot reach an agreement.

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