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Russian Jets Feint a Strafing Run on a US Destroyer. Americans Feint Shock and Horror (Video)

We're inclined to believe the US Navy is nowhere near as shocked as it's pretending to be

Yay. Gotta love fake manufactured horror.

Russians do a dry strafing run on a US destroyer in the Baltic (as in the sea that Russia's second city and the old capital of Saint Petersburg lies on) and American military pretends this is such a horrific thing that it makes CNN.

To demonstrate just how out of order the Russians supposedly were the US Navy did its best impersonation of a 12-year-old girl and took to Youtube and Twitter to cry about it. The media took over from there so that the story is now making the rounds   in a high-pitched tone meant to evoke horror an outrage.

The video shows a pair of Su-24 bombers making an overflight of the US ship at a very low attitude, indicating the planes may have approached the ship undetected by radar. Which may have been a problem for the guided missile destroyer if the jets were carrying anti-ship missiles and there was a war.

It's not exactly a friendly act but let's get a little context here. 

Right now the US is talking up flooding Syria with anti-aircraft weapons to help kill Russian pilots. The US has also decided to deploy an armored brigade to Russia's border 200 kilometres from downtown Saint Petersburg. Weeks ago NATO supreme allied commander wanted to fly spy planes over Russian territory.

These are just some of the latest ways in which US is showing it thinks of Russia as something like an enemy. So what exactly is it that makes the Russian's reaction other than completely expected?

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