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Russian Holocaust Denier Wins Damages in Persecution Suit While German Truth-Tellers Rot in Jail

There is consternation that the outcome of high court litigation in Russia has supported the right of holocaust critics and investigators (holocaust deniers) the right to publish their findings and beliefs. Investigation of the holocaust narrative is illegal in much of Europe.

On January 21, the Leninsky District Court of Perm decided to award Perm civil activist Roman Yushkov 50 thousand rubles in compensation for non-pecuniary damage for his being persecuted in connection with his right to publicly claim that the holocaust is a scam sponsored by politicians dependent upon Jewish patronage.

With her decision on Yushkov’s lawsuit, Judge Irina Chikulaeva confirmed the illegality of the unlawful criminal prosecution in the form of initiating a criminal case under the article Rehabilitation of Nazism (Article 354.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The exoneration and damages include the subsequent police searches, interrogations, seizure of his office equipment, the wiretapping of Yushkov’s telephone calls, and recognisance not to leave the country plus litigation, etc.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation acted as a defendant in the court. However, the court brought in the third parties as the committee investigating the criminal case against Yushkov and the prosecutor’s office, which approved it.

The representative of the committee in the court made excuses for its grossly illegal actions, saying that the investigators, while unlawfully prosecuting Yushkov, were themselves subject to the law and their official instructions.

Recall that a criminal case against Roman Yushkov was opened in 2017 for his reposting in a social network an article by Murmansk writer Anton Blagin ‘Jews! Return the German money for fraud with Holocaust six million jews!’  Roman Yushkov accompanied Blagin’s news report with his supporting comments.

In September 2018, the jury of the Perm Regional Court did not heed the stance of the Investigative Committee and it acquitted Roman Yushkov. As a consequence, Roman Yushkov received the right to rehabilitation. Subsequently, the prosecutor’s office tried to appeal this decision, but the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation upheld it.

‘I would like to congratulate Roman on his victory,’ says Perm politician Konstantin Okunev, who spoke as a witness at yesterday’s meeting.

‘The event is certainly significant, as well as the decision of the jury in September 2018.  I attended those meetings of the regional court and saw how the prosecutor’s office and the pocket judge Akhmatov were vicious.

Only thanks to the mind and courage of the jury, who understood the essence of what was happening, was it possible then to defend the human right on your personal, politically unbiased view of history.’

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