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Russian FM: "Many Illogical Wars Followed Obama's Nobel Peace Prize"

Russia's top diplomat points out west is extremely adept at awarding itself laurels

MOSCOW, April 22 (TASS) - US President Barack Obama gave many hopes and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize but many illogical wars have followed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday.

"There were many hopes for Obama, there was the Nobel peace prize but a lot of wars followed, which were absolutely illogical and did not meet the interests of stability in certain regions," Lavrov said in an interview with three radio stations, Ekho Moskvy, Sputnik and Govorit Moskva.

<figcaption>Photo: Brian Blanco, EPA</figcaption>
Photo: Brian Blanco, EPA

He gave the example of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

Lavrov also said Russia should stick to the principle 'verify and trust' in current relations with the United States,

"We have burned ourselves enough on different illusions [about relations with the US]," Lavrov said.

"[President] Reagan said, 'Trust but verify.' I think that today we should just verify and after verifying we would see if we can trust or not. I would say: verify and trust," he added.

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