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Russian Extradited to US for Buying Unclassified F-16 Manual

Russian citizen Oleg Tishchenko to face charges in US for buying fighter jet manuals to use in a flight simulation game DCS World after extradition from Georgia.

It appears that Eagle Dynamics has kicked their employee to the dogs, claiming that Tishchenko was acting in a “purely private context and for his own personal interests.” Even though the manuals directly relate to a new module for the F-16 that DCS is releasing soon. Doesn’t sound like the sort of company anyone would want to work for.

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This is yet another case of American legal imperialism, which treats entire world as its jurisdictional demesne. How long will Russia continue to tolerate such arrogant pretensions?

That said, holidaying in West-aligned Georgia isn’t very smart for people on American watchlists. Actually it’s probably worse than going to Western Europe, which may not be as eager to carry out political extraditions as Washington’s lickspittles in Eastern Europe. Irony is, there’s a good chance that this dev was pro-American. As I have said, Georgia has become very popular amongst the Moscow hipster set.

Source: Unz Review
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