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Russian Defense Industry Is Booming, Hosts Defense Ministers from 40 Countries at Huge Fair (Russian TV News)

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Over 1,500 organizations and businesses from around the world are gathering from June 25-30 in a park just outside Moscow for the annual International Military and Technical Forum.

The forum's organizers invited over 130 countries to send delegations from their defense ministries; 1 million people are expected to attend.


Patriot Park in Moscow Oblast is hosting the Army Forum. Delegations from 120 countries have arrived at the event, including more than 40 defense ministers.

Denis Alexeev discovered the most interesting aspects of the forum.

This year, the number of participants has almost doubled; there are three times as many foreign delegations. The exhibits are 30,000 illustrative examples of the modern trends and accomplishments of the Russian defense industry. The forum also features an open-air exhibition of Russian military hardware exclusives. The guests of the forum will be the first ones to see them. Self-propelled artillery systems, mortars, and robotic systems, the Korsar short-range scout drone whose maximum altitude is 16,000 feet.

Sergey Ponomaryov, Roselektronika: "The Korsar system is currently in its final testing phase. You can say that this is the final model. Everything depends on the payload you mount to fit your specific objective."

It's physically impossible to memorize everything about the modern Russian weapon systems.

Carlos Neto, Defense Ministry of Angola: “I see great developments. There's more hardware, and the infrastructure has got better. The Russian defense industry has leaped forward."

Two military cooperation agreements with Guinea-Bissau and Mali were signed in a single morning. Despite the trade sanctions by the West, the products of the Russian defense industry get upgraded while winning international recognition.

Sergey Shoigu, Minister of Defense: "I'd like to note that despite the sanctions, one of whose goals was to impede scientific and technical progress in Russia, our defense industry enterprises didn't just survive, they're dynamically developing. I'm sure that this forum will dispel any doubts by our guests and partners. I wish the participants success and the guests to have fun and to have an unforgettable experience here."

The forum isn't only about the present but also the past. The Russian Federal Nuclear Center booth is dedicated to Russia's scientific breakthrough. 70 years ago, the Russian nuclear charge was tested.

Radiy Ilkayev, physicist: "It was a significant event that showed that our country and our scientists can achieve world-class results in the most complex areas of physics. In this case, we're talking about high energy density physics and nuclear physics."

While scientists create innovation, others talk about them. One of the participants is our fellow channel Techno 24. The forum is a series of newsworthy events. The Russian military will continue to surprise us until late June.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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