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Russian Bond Yields Plunge to 4-Year Lows as Investors Shrug off Sanctions

Financial warfare against it or not, everyone understands now that, between the low deficits and the hundreds of billions in reserve, Russia's finances are in good order, and Russia is good for its debt.

Sanctions, schmanctions...

After imposing various sanctions for whatever the neocon establishment can make up next, Washington must be shocked to see that their economic warmongery against Russia has led to... lower and lower bond yields.

Russian five-year bond yields dropped to the lowest level since January 2014, even as Bloomberg reports that the U.S. Treasury prepares a report on the possible effect of sanctioning the nation’s sovereign debt.

With appetite spurred by gains in the oil price and the global hunt for higher returns, yields have fallen to levels last seen before Europe and the U.S. imposed penalties to punish Russia for its role in the Ukraine crisis.

Source: Zero Hedge

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