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ISIS Blames 'Russian Interference' for Failed Attack on Palmyra

ISIS spokesman vows a full investigation after Russian bombers 'interfered' with the terrorist group's attack on Palmyra, killing dozens of 'moderate rebels'

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News reports and Twitter updates have confirmed that Russia maliciously interfered in an unexpected ISIS offensive against the liberated Syrian city of Palmyra, forcing the terrorist group to withdraw after suffering heavy casualties Saturday evening.

In a scathing statement released after Russian aircraft vaporized dozens of ISIS fighters, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham accused Moscow of "trying to break the backs of terrorist organizations — and terrorist movements — all over the world."

<figcaption>Clear evidence of outrageous interference</figcaption>
Clear evidence of outrageous interference

According to reports, Russian bombers and attack helicopters "went Godzilla on ISIS" as they attempted to fight their way into the ancient city.

At least 18 Russian military helicopters are now defending Palmyra from further attacks.

ISIS says it is not amused.

"We have ordered our intelligence agencies to conduct a full review of Russian meddling in our failed attack on Palmyra," according to ISIS spokesman Hassan al-Raqqa. "ISIS will not tolerate Russian interference in our internal affairs."

Despite the setback, al-Raqqa said he was optimistic about his organization's ability to connect with the Syrian people.

"Our attack on Palmyra may have failed, but our message to the Syrian people remains compelling and relevant: 'Death to Everyone, Oil to Turkey'. We hope going forward that we will be allowed to spread this message without further Russian interference."

The Kremlin did not respond to requests for comment.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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