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Russian and Serb Pilots Take to the Skies for Mock Dogfights

The two nations carried out joint air combat training at the BARS 2016 exercise

Russian and Serbian pilots have practiced intercepting aerial targets and performing aerobatic maneuvers at the BARS 2016 exercise, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press office said.

The combined Russian and Serbian crews operated Mikoyan MiG-29 (NATO reporting name: Fulcrum) fighter jets during the exercise, the press office added.

"During the flights, the pilots practiced air combat elements and offensive, defensive and aerobatic maneuvers to attack a simulated enemy and avoid a counterattack," the press office said.

At the beginning of the exercise, the Russian and Serbian pilots performed a familiarization flight and flied over the area of the exercise. After that, they practiced the pullup, roll, basic loop and other maneuvers.

"The flights culminated in a close air combat, during which each of the flight crews performed a number of aerobatic maneuvers to assume the best position for an attack and avoid a counterattack," the press office added.

The BARS 2016 exercise involved combined Russian and Serbian crews operating Mikoyan MiG-29 planes and Mi-8 (Hip) helicopters.

The exercise involved up to ten aircraft of the Serbian Air and Air Defense Forces.

Source: RBTH

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