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Russian Air Force Turns 'Rebel' Offensive Into Moon Crater

The Russians pay Al-Qaeda a friendly visit near Hama

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), "al-Qaeda's latest incarnation in Syria" according to the BBC, launched an attack earlier this week near Hama. 

According to Reuters, the "rebel" (of course "rebel") offensive has run into a bit of a snag. We'll give you a hint: It starts with "Russia" and ends with "Air Force":

<figcaption>Polite people</figcaption>
Polite people

Russian warplanes are taking part in air strikes against insurgents to help repel a major attack on Syrian government-held areas near the city of Hama, a Syrian military source said on Friday.

State media later on Friday reported that the army had recaptured all the positions it lost earlier in the week in a rebel assault in the north of the Jobar district of Damascus.


"Air strikes have now started, and there is concentrated artillery firing against the armed groups and the headquarters of their leaders and supply lines, paving the way for the counter-attack," the military source told Reuters. "The Russians are, of course, participating in these raids."

A job well done:


Here's a video of the Russians playing al-Qaeda Duck Hunt in northern Hama:


Have a roach problem? Call 1-800-RUSSIA. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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