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RussiaHoax Proves That Media Ignoramuses Don't Know US History or Law

Don’t wanna be an American idiot

One nation controlled by the media” – Green Day

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The proof that Russian president Vladimir Putin did not play a role in getting Donald Trump elected president is obvious to anyone who spends just a few minutes engaging in rational analysis. This particular cerebral exercise, however, is not at all popular. The sad truth is that Americans these days are simply incapable of thinking. If they were thinking properly, American citizens would know the following…

The argument over Russian interference almost always focuses on one key aspect: The Facebook Ads that influenced voter behavior. The problem with this so-called evidence of interference is that it has ZERO bearing on the election. Why?

Because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

You see…the truth is…Donald Trump is president because he was selected by the Electoral College - a group of only 538 “electors”. This process of choosing the American president was established in the 18th century. Unless you believe in time travel it is highly doubtful that Putin had a hand in creating this undemocratic institution.

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While it is true that someone who is not an American may not know about the Electoral College, the average journalist really should. A well-informed citizenry depends upon a well-informed news media.

It’s not a secret that in America many people are highly influenced by “talking heads” on Cable News shows, In fact, during conversations on politics it is not at all unusual to hear conversants simply repeating key phrases that they heard recently from these TV pundits. Because of laziness or ignorance, many citizens let the talking heads do their thinking for them.

The problem here is that the talking heads do not think either.

They can talk real good though!

The cause of this anti-intellectual behavior is mostly due to a poor educational system.

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One bright and shining example of this is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow who apparently holds a Ph.D. in Political Science.

Can you imagine?

Even she seems unaware that the Electoral College was established in the 18th century and so does not know that Putin could not possibly have conspired to produce this mechanism to undermine and prevent direct democracy.

American voters have been subjected to two years of an embarrassing spectacle of widespread ignorance on the part of mainstream journalists. As a result, voters have been terribly misinformed and are now left repeating falsehoods by a semi-educated group of ill-informed journalists. It’s quite shocking.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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