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Russia to Hammond: Brexit Is Boring and We Couldn't Care Less

Moscow schools UK Foreign Minister for suggesting Russia thinks Britain's EU membership is relevant to Russia

Tough luck for the there's-Russia-hiding-under-my-bed brigade. Moscow has failed to endorse Brexit. In fact the Russians have said they wouldn't touch Britain's tedious domestic politics with a six foot pole:

Russia scolded Britain on Friday for saying that Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin dreamed of weakening the West with a British exit from the European Union.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said last week that the only country wanting Britain to the leave the EU was Russia and Prime Minister David Cameron has said what he termed Putin's aggression makes this no time to drop out of the EU.

"Russia is being dragged into the domestic debate on Brexit," the Russian embassy in London said in a statement. "Why is the wicked Russia thesis used to explain a Government policy?"

"We’d like the British people to know that those pronouncements have nothing to do with Russia’s policy," the embassy said. "As a matter of fact, our Government doesn’t have an opinion on Britain’s place in the EU."

Putin has made no public remarks about Britain's June EU referendum, though U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping have indicated they support Britain's membership of the world's biggest trading bloc.

Needless to say the world will come crashing down for some when they learn that Russians have life's problems of their own and don't really have the time to worry about Britain of all places.

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