Russia Violates Sweden!

Well, not much, but let's blame it anyway

Sweden's News in English, the Local, has just published the Swedish Armed Forces list of countries that have violated Sweden's territory in the last five years. They are:

This is a picture of absolutely nothing, er, we mean, that Russian sub in Sweden

USA 7; Germany and Russia 6 each, Norway 5; Monaco (!) 3; the Netherlands, Poland and Qatar 2 each; Albania, Bahrain, Denmark, Estonia, France, Portugal and Turkey 1 each.

So NATO leads Russia in actual violations 27-6.

But, wait! We're not counting nearly-but-not-actually violations: "And an unnamed staff member at Sweden's foreign ministry told DN that Russian aircraft apparently more often carry out intentional incursions, by flying towards and near the Swedish border."

And, of course, Russia leads hand down on invisible violations. "A year ago, a foreign submarine – suspected to be from Russia, although this was never confirmed – was spotted in Swedish waters just outside of Stockholm. A second underwater sighting was later reported and a number of Russian planes have also been spotted in or close to Swedish airspace over the past 18 months."

Poor old Russia, NATO actually does it, but Russia gets the blame.