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Russia Trolls US: 'Leave Syria & Deal With Your Own Problems' Amid US Domestic Mayhem

Recall that last month, shortly before George Floyd protests plunged a number of American cities into unrest and chaos which witnessed often violent confrontations between demonstrators and police, a top US envoy for Syria policy boasted "my job is to make Syria a quagmire for the Russians."

But in the wake of the raging protests, which last week created a bit of a crisis for the White House as it mulled "action" against the worsening security situation on the Capitol, Russia has gone on the offensive, demanding that US forces get out of Syria in order to handle America's own mess at home

Specifically this was in response to a statement days ago from Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker, who called on Russia to ‘go out of the Middle East’

“For 45 years, this has been the cornerstone of American politics – to keep Russia away from the Middle East,” he further claimed.

The Russian Embassy in the US immediately reminded Washington that the "Russian military is stationed in Syria at the invitation of its government.”

The embassy added according to TASS: “The real question here: what are the grounds for the USA to occupy several swaths of this sovereign country? As far as we know none of them are legal. Neither the legitimate authorities nor the UN Security Council sanctioned American troops deployment.”

Additionally, the Russian Foreign Ministry called the remarks "crazy" and "stupid" - and added:

"The US should leave Syria and deal with its internal crisis."

Both China, Russia, as well as other American rivals and officially dubbed "rogue regimes" by Washington have called out the US for its rank hypocrisy, lecturing others as it faces chaos at home, which has involved not only the police killing of George Floyd, but at least 15 deaths amid the 'protest' and riot mayhem which followed

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Source: Zero Hedge
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