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Russia Strengthens Oil and Gas Coooperation With Iran, Vows Support

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The US may be doing everything it can to escalate tensions with Iran, but nobody else seems to care. Japanese PM Shinzo Abe's visit to Iran was recently interrupted by an 'attack' on a Japanese tanker in the Gulf of Oman that Washington tried to pin on Tehran.

Russia, unsurprisingly, is still keen to develop deeper ties with Iran. As a result, russian companies are prersuing a number of lucrative projects with Iran.


On the background of Washington's unprecedented pressure on Tehran, Russia continues increasing its cooperation with Iran. Today, Isfahan has hosted bilateral negotiations on the intergovernmental level.

The result, as well as the mood in the Islamic Republic today, are the subject of the report by our special correspondent Alexandra Suvorova.

Russia and Iran intend to increase their bilateral commodity trade. After the first four months of this year, this index amounted to around $700 million, and states still have goals to achieve. All the more so now that Russia stated that cooperative projects with Iran would be developed very actively.

Alexander Novak, Russia's Minister of Energy: "Despite the sanctions introduced against Iran and the participation of companies in the implementation of projects, Russian companies continue their work, and we can see great interest in Iranian projects."

The meeting of the intergovernmental commission in Isfahan was conducted on the background of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's statement: The Iranian government doesn't intend to start any military operations against other countries.

Hassan Rouhani: “We don't wage war against any nation. In the end, Iran will win since our opponents are a group of low-skilled politicians, a group of officiaries who conspire against us, but we will not lose our dignity.”

Iranian special services uncovered a vast American cyber-spying network. It was announced by the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council. According to him, Teheran shared this information with its allies in the context of cooperation.

Ali Shahmani, national security council: "When the actions in cyberspace are meant to harm their country, the USA consider them as military actions. Yet, they are absolutely content with a scenario when they act in cyberspace against other countries. A computer virus was used against an Iranian nuclear facility. Of course, we detected it and neutralized it on time."

The reason behind these statements is not simple. Tehran stated that after the 27th of June, it considered itself vested with the right to store over 300 kilograms of enriched uranium in contradiction to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action concerning the Iranian nuclear program.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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