So You Think You Can Dance? Young Russians Flaunt Their Footwork For Children's Day

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Although not observed in the U.S., Children's Day is a much-anticipated holiday in Russia. Celebrated on June 1, the holiday is dedicated to the preservation of a happy, carefree childhood. In Moscow you can find dozens of concerts, theater performances and other festivities in honor of Russia's children. They're our future, after all!

We were lucky enough to attend two separate performances which showcased the talents of young Muscovites. The first was a rendition of the famous Russian fairytale, "The Frog Princess."

Later in the evening we went to the ZIL Culture Center, where Moscow's rising dance and ballet stars demonstrated their incredible skills.

The concert featured a range of styles and music, but of course the largely Russian audience was especially taken by the renditions of Tchaikovsky and the "gopak" from the ballet Taras Bulba.


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