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Russia Puts Powerful Radar on Israeli Border to Thwart Israeli Bombings of Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:15 P.M.) – A Russian publication reported this week that the Russian Armed Forces have deployed their Resonance radar system in an area near the Israeli border.

According to the NZIV publication, the Russian Resonance radar was identified in two locations in the eastern Mediterranean region, including an area along the Israeli-Egyptian border.

“Eli Dekel, a retired military systems researcher, has found the exact location and location of two radar stations that can detect planes and missiles up to 1,100 km away,” the publication said.

“One station was built in Javelin Oved at a distance of about 40 km, east of the Suez Canal,” NZIV reported, adding that a “second post was in the Gulf of Suez on a hill between Jabel al-Galla and Kabir.”

NZIV said the locations of these radar stations will allow early detection of various types of aircraft and missiles at long distances, as well as provide early warnings to the Egyptian Air Force and defense forces about timely preparation for any threat.

“Equipping Egypt with state-of-the-art radars is part of the accelerating process of arming and building military infrastructure, mainly in eastern Egypt and the Sinai. The system also provides data for intercept systems within 350 km. This area includes all of Israel,” they added.

It was not said when Russia deployed these radar systems near the Israeli border; however, given Israel’s military intelligence capabilities, it is highly likely that they were aware of these movements.

Source: AMN
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