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Russia Is Christian and Proud of It. No Wonder It’s a Punching Bag For Liberals and Neocons

Russia reveals the moral and spiritual emptiness of the west. And they can't stand it.

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Why is unapologetic hatred of Russia accepted all over the western world? Aside from the geopolitical reasons for the media to whip up anti-Russia hysteria (Russia is sitting on loads of fresh water, oil, natural gas, precious minerals, lumber, etc.), is there something deeper at play?

We think so. It's become more and more clear that Russia is essentially the only remaining country on earth where white Christians aren't ashamed of being white Christians. There's none of the self-flagellation that you see in the west — the endless cryfests and apologies about "privilege". Russia is a multi-ethnic, multi-religions country where you don't have to be sorry for being a white Christian. Hard to imagine, right?

<figcaption>Not ashamed of his heritage or faith</figcaption>
Not ashamed of his heritage or faith

Trump just made this loathing for Russia even worse.

Most liberals and neocons are are suicide watch now that two strong white Christian men are the leaders of the two most powerful countries in the world.

Gregory Hood does an excellent job of highlighting the sniveling hypocrisy and self-loathing at play here:

In today’s world, even a mildly conservative “sovereign democracy” is enough to inspire the fanatical rage of the Washington governing class and its pet media. The American media resorted to outright falsity when portraying the conflict in South Ossetia years ago. More recently, when Russia hosted the Winter Olympics, Western newspapers were filled with taunts and stories portraying the country as a kind of Third World disaster out of Borat. Strangely, the mass riots and collapsing infrastructure of World Cup host Brazil went all but unmentioned. When Pussy Riot disrupted a mass with an obscenity filled protest, the American Secretary of State posed with them for a picture, and National Review’s John O’Sullivan called them “virtuous” and “religious.” The liberal American media is far more hostile towards Putin’s Russia than they were to the Soviet Union, and conservatives seem excited to fight a politically correct enemy rather than more hapless brown people.

With each passing day, patriots with traditional values are realizing that they have far more in common with the like-minded people in the countries they are told to hate by the media than they do with the globalist creeps who rule them.

Meanwhile, the liberals and neocons scream for blood.

This is a common discussion topic in the Alt-Right. For example, this podcast explores why it is socially and politically acceptable to hate on Russia more than just about any other country in the world. Give it a listen.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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