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Russia Protects its Natural Resources: Putin Spends $3 Billion to Clean Iconic Volga River

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Russia has a nationalist government which seeks, however imperfectly, to improve the lives of the people and better the nation. Contrast to the US, where the government is controlled by plutocratic interests, mostly Jewish, who are focused on ripping off the people for their own personal gain.

Immigration, endless Middle East wars, corporate welfare, wrecking the environment with fracking - it all serves the wealthy and the Zionists, not the people. x


On Thursday, the first results of the government's Volga sanitation program were discussed in Astrakhan. The conference with specialized ministers and governors was chaired by Prime Minister Medvedev.

Reporting from Astrakhan is Olga Meshcheryakova.

Smooth movements, striped spines poking out of the water, and large splashes — this is Russian sturgeon, this is how it's bred here. These are just juveniles, they're 9, 10 years old at the most. Actually, sturgeons have a lifespan of up to 80 years. Curious, they swim up, not afraid of anything, looks like they want to get acquainted with me. It's OK, I'll try to get acquainted too.

- Come on, come here, beauty.

A tsar's fish, a national treasure. The coal-black sturgeon, an embodiment of power and might, a rare beauty shining in the sun.

- Look at that large white... albino beluga sturgeon.

Yuriy Alymov, main fish-breeding company specialist: "If everything goes well, this beluga should produce light golden caviar."

They've been waiting for 17 long years until the beauty got mature. The fish-breeding business is a tricky and arduous thing. It's a large area of 17,000 m² (183,000 sq. ft.). In these small ponds, young sturgeons are bred. The otherworldly open spaces of the Volga take your breath away.

Igor Babushkin, Acting Governor of Astrakhan Region: "A very beautiful corridor, very rich.”

For a man who grew up on the Volga — just a bit to the north; Igor Babushkin is from Rybinsk — the problem is obvious. This wealth needs to be preserved.

Igor Babushkin, Acting Governor of Astrakhan Region:

- The main issue, the shallowing of the Volga, is a matter of interdepartmental interaction. It was decided to create a scientific-technical council.

- So that everyone acts as one, not separately?

- Absolutely right.

It's a decision made by a big conference on the Volga sanitation program, the participants of which — 16 regions, the entire Volga region — are already financed, 205 bln rubles ($3.2 bln). First of all, the money will be used for building hydraulic facilities.

Dmitry Medvedev: “We need to make the Volga navigable wherever it's possible. We need to ensure that the mid-channel depth is not less than 4 meters (13 feet). Besides shoreline cleanup and channel dredging, we need to salvage and dispose of derelict sunken ships from the bottom, and there are almost 100 of them.”

The PM's conference with the Volga region governors and ministers is at the local administration. Astrakhan authorities have already swung into action.

Igor Babushkin: “We plan to salvage 33 sunken ships in the region between 2022 and 2024. The national Volga sanitation project's complex measures' realization will provide locals with quality water.”

It'll also result in a threefold cut to the volume of polluted wastewater, which is dumped into the Volga and its confluence by disposal facilities like this one.

Vasily Mantserov, Acting CEO, Astrvodokanal: "We need to change the building materials used, like these concrete frames. Also, set up automatic screens to phase out all the work being done by hand.”

The problem was discussed on the spot. A complete renovation is needed along with new purification technology.

- So, it requires modernization.

- Yes, it's needed…

The Astrakhan Region's social program was discussed separately. Among those issues are dilapidated housing — people need to be rehoused — hospitals and health clinics need to be built and renovated. There are first achievements too. Starting today, social security and other benefits are raised in the region — a whole list of 12 items.

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And the Volga is to see big changes. There is a strict deadline — 2024.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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