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Russia Officially Declares UK Defense Secretary a Moronic Non-Entity

Russian MoD also points out UK has been similarly lying about Syria through their teeth for years

Responding to the suggestion of the British Secretary of Defense, Gavin Williamson that Russia should  "shut up and go away” the Russian Ministry of Defense did not mince words. Russian MoD Spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov:

"The rhetoric of an uncouth shrew demonstrated by the Head of the British Ministry of Defense makes his utter intellectual impotence perfectly evident.

All this confirms not only the nullity of all accusations towards Russia we have been hearing from London for the last several years but also that the “accusers” themselves are nonentities.

The Great Britain has long turned not only into a cozy nest for defectors from all over the world but also into a hub for all sorts of fake news-producing agencies: from the British “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” to the created by a British intelligence officer pseudo-Syrian “White Helmets”.

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As to boorish words of the British Defense Minister regarding Russia, it seems that in the absence of the real results of the professional activity, rudeness is the only weapon remaining in the arsenal of the Her Majesty’s Military."  

William Gavinson is a moron. May, Johnson, and Williamson are non-entities. The Brits have been full of crap for a long time. UK military is impotent and keeps getting its butt handed to it. Ooouch! All the more painful as it all happens to be true.

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