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Russia Is Making High-Budget, High Quality Christian Cartoons - Imagine If Disney Were Christian - Soon With English Subtitles

In old Russia, nearly 1000 years ago, Saints Peter & Fevronia set an enduring example of Christian devotion — both to God and to each other. While Peter bravely conquered dangerous foes, his bride Fevronia was skilled in medicine, healing her patients with herbs and prayer. This new movie tells a story inspired by their lives . . .

This article from our archives was first published on RI in April 2020

Update:  Watch one of these excellent films here: WATCH FREE: Wonderful, High Quality, High Budget Christian Cartoon from Russia with English Captions (Peter and Fevronia)

Imagine what Disney would be like, if it were Christian . . . giving us uplifting children's movies with well written narratives and stunning animation, recounting the stories of true heroes — teaching children about real men and women who had strong faith in Christ, and who considered prayer to be the greatest weapon against evil.

We don't have to imagine anymore. The massive modern revival of Christian faith in Russia is transforming the culture there, bringing positive influence to the film industry. Inspired by the lives of Saints Peter & Fevronia, they have written a modern tale of bravery, faith, and love.

This first movie trailer has just been released with English subtitles:

In this film, Prince Peter valiantly fights dragons, and his beloved Fevronia uses herbs and prayer to heal him from sickness. Multiple times, the main characters are found in churches, and they pray to the Lord for deliverance from the great trials and troubles that come their way.

This beautiful film came to Russian theaters in 2017. And now in 2020, Russian Faith is releasing this wonderful movie with English subtitles! This film is not historical — many things were added to the story, making it into a dramatic motion picture. Some parts of the story were inspired by the lives of Peter & Fevronia, but this particular movie is only loosely based on historical accounts. Nevertheless, it is an uplifting film that does justice to the traditional values of patience, honesty, love, marriage, bravery, mercy, prayer, and a deep faith in Christ.

St. Fevronia praying in a church
St. Peter discovering Agrikov's legendary sword
Saints Peter & Fevronia getting married in a church

Want to see more Christian films with English subtitles? Read the following article — it explains how we do it, and how you can help: Christian Films from Russia - with English Subtitles

Watch for the full Peter & Fevronia movie to be released with English subtitles very soon, this May . . .

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