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Russia Invites North Korea's Kim to Moscow

Russia intent on supporting the North-South, Kim-Moon rapprochment

Interested in getting involved in the flurry of international diplomacy with North Korea, Russian officials revealed today that President Vladimir Putin had invited Kim Jong Un to visit Moscow last month.

There is still no specific meeting scheduled, but Kremlin officials say that discussions with North Korea are ongoing about the details of a time and place for such a meeting. This would be Kim’s first visit to Moscow.

Since starting a diplomatic push in January, Kim has held three summits with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, met twice with China’s Xi Jinping, and once with US President Donald Trump. A second Kim-Trump summit is being discussed, though a date has not been set.

With a focus on meeting regional powers, a direct Kim-Putin meeting has been conspicuously absent, and one Putin clearly hopes to resolve. Beyond the Russia meeting, Japanese officials have expressed some interest in a Kim-Abe meeting, but North Korea has said they are not interested.

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