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Russia Insider STILL! Working on New Projects, We Will Publish Sparsely for a Few Months More (Check Out Our New News Site)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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Update, April 14, 2020

Well the whole COVID panic pushed our plans back by about 2 months, but we got one website up, Truth to Power, and are working on more. Thanks for being patient.

Original article, Sept 30, 2019

Dear Insiders,

I don’t want to tell you what is in the works because I agree with Mr. Putin’s example of showing by action, not words. There is nothing worse than talking about doing something, (as I am doing right now) and then delivering late, or not at all. So enjoy the suspense. I’ll let you know when there is something tangible to point to. 

We will continue to publish a little bit here and there if and when we find the time. There is such a wealth of extraordinary and valuable writing coming from the alternative media, a phenomenon that, thank God, continues to grow, that it will take great self-restraint not to share it with you as we have been doing. We are already eager to get back at it once we have the time.

As curators and aggregators of the alt-media, we are in a unique position to evaluate this phenomenon, and, as I have often said in this space, I am optimistic about the prospects for what is happening out there. Yes, there are attempts to stuff the genie back in the bottle - how could there not be? This is what any corrupt, rotten system does when put on the defensive by new realities, but the odds, in my opinion, are not in their favor.

It is an unfortunate reality of human psychology that hand-wringing and Chicken Little gets a lot of attention, but consider for a moment what a weak strategic position the guardians of the establishment are in. For starters, the edifice over which they preside is built on lies, lies which for hundreds of years remained concealed due to lack of sunlight. Today, that darkness is being pierced, to use a corny phrase, by a thousand rays of light. They are small rays, but even so, they have already shaken the edifice, and it is beginning to crumble. The alt-media from every angle, from the left, right and center; libertarian, socialist, nationalist right, Russian, Chinese, Iranian and other state media, Christian media, etc, are piercing that darkness. 

The reflexive impulse from the establishment has been to try to censor, but that only works if you can truly stamp out everything, otherwise they are playing a losing game of whack-a-mole. Squelch freedom on Facebook or YouTube and people just migrate to a dozen other platforms, attention is drawn to the people being silenced, and protecting free speech becomes a political issue. The reality is that the establishment has been disrupted by a new technology that they do not have the means to control, and as long as this is true, their position will continue to weaken. The Catholic church and the spread of the printing press in the 15th century is the correct analogy - there was nothing they could do to stop people from seeing the truth, and a very different world emerged.

One thing I find striking about this information revolution we are living through is how little the info-revolutionaries are addressing the spiritual side of all this, indeed, how they seem to be mostly unaware of it. They naively seem to think that if they expose the current evil, that it will disappear, like mist evaporating in sunlight. But evil is different from water, it is more like a serpent which will slither away from the light, but then make its home somewhere else, inflicting its poison in a place and way we did not expect. It is true that the Protestant world was better than the rottenness it replaced, but it was soon weakened by that very evil it thought it was vanquishing, and this happened to a movement very aware of the reality that we are but pathetic pawns in a cosmic battle of good and evil, something many more people are ignorant of today. 

Reading the alt-media one can see that they seem to honestly believe that if we could just get rid of the Israel lobby and the military industrial complex and Monsanto and the neocon wars and our extreme wealth inequality and the obscene cost of healthcare and censorship and unrestricted migration and a bunch of other things, that a new age of justice and well-being will dawn. It seems to me that these are symptoms, not the main malady. 

It is important to address symptoms, or the patient may succumb, but if one wants to emerge from crisis, one has to address the main cause of the sickness, and that is this phenomenon of evil which one can hardly deny, is our very stubborn co-inhabitant on this earth. The alt-media is doing important work in mediating the symptoms, but its work on addressing the main issue, which is a spiritual one, has only barely begun. It is no coincidence that the establishment is doing everything possible to discredit Christianity, for it provides a framework for comprehending and mounting a defense against this evil. I am always surprised that so many of the most astute and indisputably brilliant personalities in the alt-media seem so blind to what is going on right in front of their noses in this regard.

So there you go, I started off just wanting to let you know that we won’t be publishing much for a short while, and then wandered off into a jaw about journalistic freedom, truth and lies, and Good and Evil.

Despite the reduced publishing, have no doubt that we are still here, beavering away at the good fight. We have not gone anywhere. I am always aware that we are an extraordinary community who have achieved a great deal as a group - readers, writers, commenters, donors, people sharing us on social media and telling others about us. We have much to be proud of, much work to do, and our enemies are right to fear us.

As always, thank you for your trust and support.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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