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Russia Insider Reduced Service Over Holidays - Merry Christmas and Thank You!

Downtime makes us better people.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Dear Friends,

If one follows the news a lot it can become obsessive, and for some people, depressing. For some reason we humans tend to focus on the wrong rather than the right, especially in our media.

Painting by Ilya Glazunov

Russia Insider is a people-first kind of place, and I have always encouraged all of us to take serious breaks around Christmas and in August. Time for family and friends, for a change of pace and scenery, for spiritual reflection, and just getting outdoors more – it’s essential for putting out a great product – to be able to see clearly and think creatively.

I’ve seen it happen many times that people burn out if they ignore this advice.

We’re keeping track of things and will put up the occasional piece if we think it’s important. But if it can possibly wait, we will hold it for the first week of January.

For all you news junkies out there, take it from me, a card-carrying news junkie – turn off your TV, put your gadgets aside, go for a walk, read a print book, say a prayer.

A big THANK YOU! to all of you who have contributed to our Christmas fund-drive. This is a communal effort, and we could never do it without your help. If you’ve been meaning to, but haven’t yet, please do. We depend on you!

And speaking of community, a huge THANK YOU! to all you commenters - incredibly, you have put RI among the top 50 sites in the world for commenting on political news!, out-powering sites with much larger traffic. Oftentimes the comments are more informative (and longer), than the articles themselves, and I know I sometimes benefit enormously from reading them, finding facts and ideas and memes and images we would never have found elsewhere, and I'm sure other readers experience the same thing. You guys (and you are mostly guys) are the best!

We’ll be back soon with more amazing material for you.

Merry Christmas!

Charles Bausman

Owner, publisher, and editor

Russia Insider

The two images in this article are by my friend Ilya Glazunov, who passed away this year. We miss him.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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