Russia Insider's Christmas Fundraiser to Tame the Neocon Media Beast

We've got the lyin' corporate media by the tail...

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We are so very proud to report that we continue to barrel ahead, bigger than ever, bringing you our 4th fundraiser to continue 'Taming the corporate media beast!' 

You are the resistance

For those of you that know the drill, you can skip ahead and CLICK HERE (fundraisers are now on our internal donate page) but the updates below are pretty awesome.

Here's our latest video - just something simple this time.  We've also included our 3 previous crowdfunding videos below as well.

What an incredible year it has been! How many victories have we achieved in this global civil war against evil in the establishment; and especially against the appalling deception in our media!

The multi-billion dollar corporate media beast is faltering before our very eyes and it is people like us who are making it happen with 2 years of true grit, blood, sweat, and tears - and your hard earned cash - together.

We are now officially proof that crowdfunding alt media WORKS!

We have this down to a science - the formula is small donations from larger numbers of backers. This is because less than .01% of people that see these fundraisers actually donate. This is not nearly enough to pay living expenses for our team, but ad revenue mostly covers the rest, but not always.

When it didn't, we've had to subsidize it out of our own pockets.

Suffice it to say the world's most dedicated crew does this on a miraculous but shoestring budget. If more people gave, we could do SO MUCH MORE. So we are asking you this Christmas, if you're reading this, please share the message with your friends and give at least a dollar to keep us alive or more to help us grow. Thank you in advance so very, very much.

We've been working overtime lately trying to roll out an audio and video podcast, which we are discovering takes a lot more time and effort than we anticipated, but we hope to launch it soon - we think this is important because it will allow us to be closer to you, to reach you via a different medium, and it will allow you to get to know us better.  

One thing we want to talk about regularly in the podcast is what we want to do with Russia Insider, and where we think we can take it, and appeal to all of you out there to embark on this amazing adventure with us.

We've been having a lot of fun learning to work in this new format and should have something presentable soon, so stay tuned!

Since we launched as a crowdfunded media criticism blog site 2 years ago, over 4,000 people have sent money to turn Russia Insider into a voice that makes big difference, with donations now totalling over $200,000 USD.

And what we have achieved with that is remarkable:

  • We now rank in the top 100 sites in the world for commenting!  ( Source: )
  • Combined website and Youtube channel lifetime views exceed 160 million!
  • Total lifetime minutes watched on Youtube are an astonishing 210 million.
  • Combined visits to our website and Youtube channel are about 5 million per month and growing.
  • Our YouTube channel is up to 126,000 subscribers.
  • Our Facebook page has 171,000 followers and over the last 3 months has been reaching an average of 3 million people per week.
  • Our Twitter is up to 24,000 followers and a monthly reach of about 2-3 million.  (Still need to work on Twitter - just haven't found the time yet...)

This is an information SLEDGEHAMMER and we are knocking gaping holes in the frankly dishonest narrative of the lying, neocon, big money, corporate media.

But this can only continue if more people donate and different people donate because of donor fatigue.

The people that have given already cannot and should not be relied upon to carry the burden of the other 99.9%! So We are urging each and every one of you to please contribute at least a dollar and share this message with your friends and family in person this holiday season, and definitely share our fundraiser materials on your social media.

Also, big donors and investors: you have a rare opportunity to impact literally millions of lives, please get in touch!

On behalf of our incredible team, Sincerely,

Charles Bausman (Editor and Founder) and

Dave Curry (I do just about everything)


Thanks a million everyone! Have a Merry, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!

For any fundraising questions or concerns please contact David Curry at david (at) russia-insider (dot) com. 

Here are our three previous crowdfunding videos:


Our third (previous) Spring 2016 (we raised $30k)


Our second, Fall 2015 (we raised $34k)


Our first, (initial) Fall 2014 (we raised $36k)

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