Russia Insider Is Hiring a Volunteer Coordinator

RI is volunteer citizen journalism, and we are growing

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Position Summary: Russia Insider works with a global network of volunteers: translators, copy editors, writers, etc. The volunteer coordinator organizes assignments and workflow among these people.

Most of the volunteers are translators who translate from Russian to English; if the coordinator is also able to assist in translation that would be a plus.  We also need translations from German to English.

<figcaption>Work with an actual dream team of living legends</figcaption>
Work with an actual dream team of living legends

This person will work directly with our core team.

Location:  Preferably in Moscow, Russia (near Universitet and Leninsky prospekt metro stop).   Excellent candidates who can do this from remote locations anywhere in the world will also be considered.

Full/Part time: full time 

Days: Monday - Friday

Hours: 09:00 - 18:00 

Start Date: immediately 

Language requirements: Russian & English (German is a plus)

Salary: competitive (it really depends on the person)


  • Native English not a requirement - native Russian speakers welcome
  • outgoing and positive
  • should enjoy working with a lot of different people from around the world online, and not be shy

If interested, please contact David Curry, the director of human resources, at [email protected] 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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