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Russia Insider Commenting Policy

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Our comments section is one of the largest and most lively on the internet. It is regularly ranked in the top 100 sites in the world for political content, beating out much bigger mainstream publications. Many other major sites have done away with comments sections altogether - because their left-liberal slant gets demolished by an outraged citizenry.

What doesn’t show up in these statistics is the length, erudition, and quality of our comments, and by and large, all these indicators are excellent. Many readers have told me they read RI for the comments.

Due to our size and influence, we have suffered from deliberate sabotage and disruption, and actively fight back against this, see below for more details.

In July of 2018 we registered our 1 millionth comment. We got there by having a very hands off approach to commenting.

But we too have limits.

We are a Christian, pro-family publication, so we will warn, restrict, censor, and eventually ban you if you prove incapable of expressing yourself without obscenity.

Obscenity is the sure trait of the 2nd rate mind not sharp enough to make their point in a civilized way. It is the refuge of the unfunny comedian who has to shock with ugliness rather than surprise with wit. It is the intellectual equivalent of smearing oneself with one’s own excrement, or watching pornography. It is boring and unimaginative. It is popular among degenerates everywhere, from Black American ghetto thugs to hardened criminals in every country. Who would want to ape them?

For those of you with Christian convictions, it is a grave sin. Why it is so popular, and even considered fashionable by some simple souls is one of the mysteries of the ages and a great trick of the Devil himself.

I could go on, put you’re smart enough to get the point.

Aside from using obscenity, you are encouraged to express any viewpoint whatsoever, no taboos. We believe that open discussion leads, eventually, to the truth.

Our comments section is regularly the target of attack from paid, professional trolls. The suspected paymasters are either foreign governments (Israel is the chief suspect), but it could also be our own (American) government, or some well-heeled, disgruntled 1 percenters. We have written about this extensively on the site, and if you find this sort of interesting, as we very much do, then these might be of interest to you:

We take considerable time and effort to moderate the comments, recognizing that it is one of the best things about Russia Insider. It has been very helpful to us when honest souls help us weed out the troublemakers, paid and otherwise. Please contact us at [email protected].

Please let us know what you think of all this in the comments below.

Charles Bausman
Russia Insider

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Our commenting rules: You can say pretty much anything except the F word. If you are abusive, obscene, or a paid troll, we will ban you. Full statement from the Editor, Charles Bausman.