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Russia Hysteria: The Primitive Child-Brains of 'The Resistance' Cannot Accept the Mueller Report

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The refusal of the anti-Trump “resistance” movement to accept the findings of the Mueller report is very symptomatic of an unusual and dangerous phenomenon in American society.

Historians and sociologists will no doubt provide various labels for this inability to accept facts, but it all comes down to one thing: “escape from reality”.

For decades now a large section of the American population led by the social justice warriors, has been rejecting reality in favor of a Disneyland version. Unwilling to accept the defeat of Hillary Clinton, millions have turned to a fantasy story involving cartoon-like portrayals of Russians as a means of comforting escape from “the horrible truth.”

This desire for embracing a fantasy world in which good is pitted against evil has magically transformed such mendacious and unreliable information sources such as the corporate media and CIA into champions of Truth against the malevolent demons unleashed by an inhuman monster living in a far away castle called “the Kremlin”.

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Instead of there being one good witch of the West there are several like Rachel Maddow, Nancy Pelosi and others. At universities this fantasy is manifested as politically correct thinking and speaking designed to censor speech that reveals negative aspects of society such as racism (No “N” word allowed).

If you don’t speak of ghosts then they magically disappear!

In addition to the lack of free speech on campus we also have “safe spaces” in which young adults are encouraged to remain eternal children like Peter Pan as they gather together to collectively block out the real world – “if you can’t see it or hear it then it doesn’t exist!”

This obsession with avoiding reality is not, of course, psychologically healthy. Those who engage in this sort of behavior have a distorted view of reality because they want so desperately for the world to correspond to their liberal fantasy world where the ills of society can be overcome by the fairy dust of wishful thinking. This desire to experience a liberal utopia motivates social justice warriors to view reality as it should be rather than how it really is.

The very real tragedy of slavery should not have happened in our Disneyland so therefore all we need do is remove the confederate monuments from our sight and “Abracadabra!”… it never happened.

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There are countless ways to escape reality in contemporary America: through the palliative of fantasy films peddled by Hollywood, computer gaming, opioids, and the ever-popular myth that if you work hard enough you too will become wealthy and happy!

As the investigation of how Russiagate began proceeds over the next few months the “good guys” in this fantasy will be revealed as “bad guys” to the resisting hordes. And then what?

Will there be a sudden epiphany on the part of liberals and progressives? Or will they throw a temper tantrum so violent that American society lurches ever closer to outright civil war with very real blood?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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