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Russia Has Hard-Core Special Ops and New Military Craft Protecting Every Inch of the Crimea Bridge (Russian TV News)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

An interesting news report on how carefully the Russians are protecting their new auto and rail bridge to Crimea, because they see know, ZOG, the US, and their agents in Ukraine would love to blow it up. 


The director of Rosgvardia checked how the security of the Crimean Bridge and the Kerch Strait is ensured. Viktor Zolotov visited Crimea on a working trip and held a meeting there. He inspected the work of a spec ops brigade, which was formed not long ago.

Our camera crew is accompanying the director of Rosgvardia on his trip. Andrey Shtukaturov has the details.

A great view of the Kerch Strait opens from a bird's perspective. Or from the board of a Mi-8 helicopter, to be exact. We're approaching the grandiose construction of the Crimean Bridge. Ensuring its security is the task of every law enforcement body, including Rosgvardia. Its head, Viktor Zolotov, visited military units, guarding the waters of the Kerch Strait and the Crimean peninsula in general. He checked their readiness to fulfill the tasks given to them in hard times.

Viktor Zolotov, Director of Rosgvardia: “The troops of the National Guard fulfill their tasks at a high, professional level. Today, we're doing everything for our country to be more powerful, stronger, and safer.”

The attention was mostly focused on the Rosgvardia formation - a separate spec ops brigade. It was formed not long ago but has already begun serving in Crimea.

When else could one find himself in a landing compartment of a military boat? We're going at the speed of about 45 knots, which is about 55 mph. It isn't advisable to stand up, as you could fall. We're getting bounced and jounced.

The sea unit of the separate special operations brigade got the boat just last spring. It proved to be a reliable comrade-in-arms.

Andrey Shataev, head of facilities guard directorate: “The BK-16 boats received by Rosgvardia are designed to fulfill a wide range of tasks. The main tasks are the transportation of landing personnel, and landing of them on unimproved shore, fire support for landing personnel and the troops' actions on the shore, counter-sabotage work, and patrolling and guarding the waters.”

The Rosgvardia fleet in Crimea will soon receive more powerful ships. They're Grachonok-class boats. Last week, the first one left Rybinsk for the Kerch Strait.

According to the State Duma deputies, all these measures within the tasks to ensure the security of the Crimean peninsula are very important.

Alexander Khinshtein, State Duma deputy: “Rosgvardia has a dual-responsibility here. In this regard, Rosgvardia should have as many lawmaking powers as possible. We should be absolutely sure that no ship, no UAV, no swimmer, no underwater saboteur, no one else can go through the waters.”

Finishing his trip to Crimea, Viktor Zolotov gave state and Rosgvardia awards to the best officers, including three women, by the way.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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