‘Russia-Gate’ and the Failure of Journalism – Ron Paul Talks to Robert Parry

Two Titans discuss why American journalism descended into the pits of Hades - over Russia

Somebody should erect a monument to Robert Parry on the Washington mall.

He is by far the most prominent and respected American journalist who is writing a huge amount about, and shredding, the mainstream media's pushing of the Russiagate hoax. We carry all of this articles on the subject - they are simply invaluable.

Parry's reputation and respect in journalism is unimpeachable. A prize winning investigative reporter who broke some of the biggest stories of the last two decades while working in the mainstream media - he started his own publication, 'Consortium News', one of the first pure internet news sites, because he didn't want to be told by mainstream media what he could, and could not write about.

One hero talks to another. Must watch.

Source: Antiwar

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