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Russia, China to Mark 70th Anniversary of WWII Victory in Over 60 Joint Events

Soviet Union and China lost the most people by far in WWII

BEIJING, April 1 (TASS) - Russia and China are planning more than 60 joint events in the framework of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of victory in WWII, Russian ambassador to China Denis Davydov said on Wednesday.

“Almost 60 joint projects have been planned for 2015; every project is unique and interesting,” the diplomat said. Russia will give a series of concerts of war-time songs in the framework of a festival of Russian culture which will be held in China. To draw attention of the young generation to the celebrations of the remarkable anniversary, Russian and Chinese higher educational establishments will hold exhibitions, historical conferences, round-table discussions, seminars, competitions, demonstrate films and arrange other events, he said.

“The participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping in joint events devoted to the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of victory will be one of the central events in 2015,” the ambassador said.

By the 70th anniversary of victory, the Russian embassy will award commemorative medals to Chinese war veterans who worked in the Soviet Union during the war. “There are around 60 such war veterans in China now, and we hope that at least 40 Chinese veterans will be able to come to the Russian embassy to receive the Russian state awards,” the ambassador said.

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