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Russia Asks Iran to Use an Airbase on Its Soil

To support its Syria war

Russia yesterday asked Iran to provide access to the military base Noyeh (Noyeh Military Air Base) in northwestern Iran.

It is assumed that the air base will be used as a transit airfield on the way to Syria, where Russian military and military transport planes will be refueled. Syrian sources say that we are talking about several fighters and 4 air tankers IL-78.

The base in Noea was already used by the Russian Civil Aviation Committee - in April of this year it was reported that Russian long-distance bombers flying to bombard the positions of militants in Eastern Syria stayed at it.

In 2015, an airbase located in the Hamadan area already had high activity of the Russian Federation Air Force, but plans for the constant use of this base were mothballed in 2016, as Iran expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that these plans seeped into the press, and at the end of 2016 it was announced , that the use of this airbase was suspended "for the time being".

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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, has not issue any formal comments so far. It can not be ruled out that the leakage of this information to the press was aimed at disrupting this agreement, since Iran is sensitive to leaks of elements of secret agreements to the press.

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