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Russia and China Open HUGE Copper Mining Complex in Siberia

More evidence of major economic integration between these Eurasian giants. A Sino-Russian juggernaut is taking shape.

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While Americans squabble about confederate statues, and obsess over Harvey Weinstein, Russia and China are actually getting things done.

Russian evening news reports that the Eurasian giants have joined forces to open a new mining venture in deepest Siberia that will extract copper, gold, and iron-ore.

<figcaption>The Chinese think long-term and big-time</figcaption>
The Chinese think long-term and big-time

Investment is in the multiple billions as roads, rail spurs and enormous infrastructure have been set up in what was previously untouched wilderness.

Greenpeace is going to have a fit.

Full transcript follows below:

Full Transcript:


Here is one of the examples of Russian-Chinese cooperation: Bystrinsky mining complex has been put into operation in Transbaikal. The full-scale production capacity of 10 mln tons per year is to be achieved in 2019. In a few months, the first batch of copper-gold and iron-ore concentrate will be delivered.

China will be the first of the plant's product. Let's watch Ilya Buklov's report for impressive details.


Dozens of tons of explosives bring the ore of Verkhne-Ildikan quarry to the surface. Miners call it First Ton Day, in the meaning of the test launch of Bystrinsky mining complex.

Bystrinsky mining complex Executive:

"Now, Bystrinsky mining complex is on!"


Modern infrastructure and technology, motorways and railroads. This is the largest private venture in Eastern Russia. The complex will be mining gold, copper and silver ore. Also, it will produce copper, gold and magnetite concentrate.

China is to become the basic market as a geographical neighbor. Five years ago, it was one of the most remote taiga locations of the region. Today, there is a unique production facility here. This is one of the world's largest copper deposits. In the 19th century, people already knew that these lands are rich in this precious ore.

Back then, they practiced artisanal mining of copper. For many years, there was no technology for industrial-scale mining.

Sergei Dyachenko, Operations director:

"All the production lines are almost ready for operation. Now, here comes the most important stage when ore starts to come to the production lines, so as we could fine-tune all the processes, and get the result which we have previously seen in test tubes only, as soon as possible."


Local authorities are also interested in the development of such large ventures. In the coming ten years, Zabaykalsky Krai will get thousands of jobs and ₽18 bln of revenues. The designed capacity of 10 mln tons per year is to be achieved by 2019. The ore deposits are estimated to last for at least 30 years. Ilya Buklov, Eduard Chuzhy, Vesti, Zabaykalsky Krai.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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