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If RT Is Just the Kremlin's Mouthpiece Explain This Video -- Putin Pays American Lady to Savage Him

If this is the Kremlin's propaganda they're masochists

There's one thing everybody knows. RT is Kremlin propaganda. It's so out there you might as well be reading the Soviet Pravda and anybody who apreciates its programing is basically a Putin sleeper agent who decided long ago to betray his country.



Except if that's the case explain this:

We wrote about thisLast July the Russian Duma passed a new tough law against domestic violence. Rather than eliminate abuse the law sparked a massive civic initiative against it. 

A network of Russian parents stood against the idea of massive state presence inside the family home, particularly the Draconian provision of the law which mandated harsher penalties for violence between family members than between strangers.

Eventually the legislators relented to the grassroots and introduced the minor corrections demanded. -- Only for the western mainstream media to jump on it proclaiming Russia was now partially legalizing domestic abuse!

Except it was not only the western mainstream media. As you see, RT's "In the Now" not only criticized the new revisions but absolutely savaged them.

What's more it did so in a misleading and dishonest way. The video features a man savagely beating a woman but in fact the new revisions do not even address that sort of violence. An attack that results in severe bodily harm like that will still be treated as a criminal offense. Only punishment for attacks that do not case great physical harm has been loosened.

We understand. It is difficult for the Americans who create "In the Now" to wrap their heads around the fact that Russians do not necessarily want judges and social workers to break up a family that may still go on to turn a corner at the very first sign of dysfunctionality.

And that goes to show why RT definitely is not Russian propaganda. Because it isn't even Russian. It's funded by the Russian government alright. But it is Americans, specifically American dissidents, who are being funded.

With RT you're not getting so much the Russian view, as you are getting the alternative American view. With all the warts, cringiness and fails. Heck if you ask me half the time the channel is unwatchable from how laden with American misconceptions it is. But one thing that RT is not, is a bulletin board of the Russian government. That would look entirely different. And be far less effective at changing anyone's mind in the west.

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