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RT Goes Live in French - Elites Freak Out, Try to Block It, RI Attends Paris Opening Party

"President Macron accused the channel of propaganda, though it hadn't gone on air yet."

- Le Freak, C'est Chic

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

RT opens in France to rock the boat for mainstream propaganda outlets and offer a home for journalists who want to report the truth.

After facing scrutiny from regulatory agencies and slander from the pundits, RT France has taken to the air.

Now French speaking peoples have a source of truth that brings real issues to the forefront as opposed to the lies spread by the talking heads.

RI was at RT's Paris bureau opening / Christmas party and the house was rockin!  Check out these bonus clips from the festivities:

Some remarkable dance moves here:

The following clip is taken from Russian TV news with a transcript below.



French TV has got a new tone. The RT channel has started broadcasting. It caused a backlash even going on air for the first time. The authorities launched a large-scale campaign against RT. The Élysée Palace seems to be displeased with the fact that the issues, that are tacitly ignored in the West, will be subject to public scrutiny.

Our correspondent in Paris, Anastasia Popova is reporting on the broadcasting in French without an accent.


A flurry in the French media: RT France is on the air. It's a powerful competitor that the audience is ready to believe.

Margarita Simonyan, RT editor-in-chief:

"We have channels in English, Spanish, Arabic, and now in French. Finally, we built a real cool Russian TV channel in a beautiful place, in Paris."


Despite all the hardships of the past 2 years, RT France has finally started broadcasting for Canada, Benelux, Maghreb, francophone Africa and, of course, France.

This format is unusual for the local media. Everybody can take the floor. The channel will raise the issues swept under the carpet elsewhere.

Back in 2015 there were attempts to stop it. They tried to force the Ethics Commission to supervise the content on the air. Although, this is not a must for satellite broadcasting. Then, the members of the Commission experienced pressure. Hélène Carrère d'Encausse, the secretary of the French Academy of Science, had to quit. Then, president Macron accused the channel of propaganda, though it hadn't gone on air yet. Now the channel is denied accreditation by the Élysée Palace.

Ksenia Fedorova, RT France CEO:

"Journalists are facing multiple personal attacks. Some journalists tweet that their colleagues have sold themselves to the Kremlin, which irritates and even upsets them. Nevertheless, they are all very motivated."


For example, Magali Forestier, news anchor and reporter at France TV, i TÉLÉ, BFMTV. She is an insider. She made a film about the family of Syria's president Assad. She thought it was necessary to speak in France about the people living in South-Eastern Ukraine. However, she was never understood by her colleagues. Instead, she found like-minded people on this team, and now she's a news anchor at RT.

Magali Forestier, RT France news anchor:

"The French media is said to present information from a single standpoint. I think RT will dismantle this stereotype to become a new voice on the air."


The broadcasting is round-the-clock, with 12 hours live: documentaries, movies about historical figures, and news for the French viewers who wants to know a bit more.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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