RT Columnist Virtue Signals on My Jew Article - Gets Hammered in Comments

Poor Macdonald, he writes some sensible things about Russia sometimes, kind of, sort of.

I wonder if he even speaks Russian. I suspect he does not. Most of the his colleagues, Mercouris, Lavelle, etc, do not, and they are frequently happily clueless about the country they present themselves as experts on.

Macdonald penned a remarkably argument-free, very short, emotional piece, critical of my article criticizing the taboo on discussing Jewish influence.

Bryan MacDonald

The comments to both articles are indicative of something. (See below)

Mine has over 1300, 95% of which are very positive, to say the least. His are mostly critical of him, and day is just breaking in the US, whose commenters will add to the pain.

My article has been read 120,000 times, and republished on several sites. I wonder how many people will bother reading his.

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