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Ron Paul Is Crowdfunding a Film and Here's Why You Should Contribute

Sick of US wars, foreign policy bellicosity and taxpayer-funded bonanzas for defense contractors? So is Ron Paul who has been in the forefront of fight against these for decades

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Russia Insider is put out by American and European Russia experts who think American and EU policy towards Russia is a complete disaster. We think Ron Paul is without a doubt, the most admirable American politician alive today. Period. He calls out the corruption on Wall Street, the out-of-control US spending on a global military, the disastrous wars which never seem to end, and much more. He is a voice of sanity in a country which has seriously lost its way.
On Russia he has been right again and again. He stood up for the right to self-determination of the East Ukrainians and Crimeans, blasted US support for the corrupt oligarchs in Kiev, and especially, for the needless headlong expansion of NATO which is setting the stage for a dangerous global confrontation. He's been right on every issue - the Iraq war, Afghanistan, and every other military boondoggle the US has gotten itself into over the past decades.
Listen to what this man has to say, and, if you can, send a few bucks to his Kickstarter campaign. This is how things get fixed - when people stand up for what they know is right.

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Lots of documentary makers have approached Ron Paul over the years, but none measured up, until now. Why is this film different? because Charles Goyette is making it.

Charles has the technical and artistic abilities, but so did some of the others. What he also has is devotion to principle in the Ron Paul tradition. Charles was the top Phoenix talk show host, headed for national syndication, until the owner of his station, the neocon Clear Channel, ordered him to promote George W. Bush’s monstrous war on Iraq.  

Charles, a true-blue libertarian and therefore a man of peace, politely refused, and so was tossed out on his ear. No wonder Ron trusts him. They have a daily podcast, too. Watch the video, then go to Kickstarter to be part of this historic film.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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