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Right Sector Threatens to Burn down President's Administration Building

Glory to Ukraine?

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This article originally appeared in Korrespondent. It was translated by RI's Alina Belyanina

Right Sector is threatening to set fire to the building of the Presidential Administration, if its demands are not heeded. This was stated by spokesman Battalion Artem Skoropadsky.

<figcaption>Right Sector rally</figcaption>
Right Sector rally

"We have come to hear the explanation about what is happening - at first. Secondly, we would like to know if this some kind of provocation by someone from the Ukrainian Presidential Administration. Of course, we want to say once again that we want to achieve legalization and continue to fight on...we have come to ask what and how. If we are not heard, let it be a warning rally and the next meeting will last till the Presidential Administration is burned down , "- said Skoropadskyi .

Now there are about 300 people near the Institutskaya street. For now, they come together peacefully. At the same time, the representatives of the President are not coming out to the protesters.

On Wednesday, Right Sector plans to picket the Presidential Administration.

As reports, Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of Right Sector, said the other day that paratroopers tried to disarm the Right Sector's unit.

It was stated by the Defense Ministry that the events near the base of Right Sector - exercises of highly mobile amphibious Armed Forces of Ukraine. The paratroopers were told that the Right Sector is going on Kiev to overthrow Poroshenko.

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MORE: Ukraine

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