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RI Recommends: German Sovereignty Conference

Conference promo video

Compact, a monthly news and policy analysis magazine in Germany, has emerged as a leading German voice calling for a dramatic change in how Germany handles its foreign affairs.  

Headed by Juergen Elsasser, (wikipedia) a talented publicist, activist, and public speaker, Compact argues that the postwar system of Germany being closely managed by US security agencies is innapropriate to her modern world status, and that Germany should end her subservience to US interests, and pursue her own.

Elsasser, himself from a left-wing political activist background, appeals to a broad group of Germans on the right, left, and center, who agree on this point.  Here is an excellent editorial of his which we translated and published in November of 2014.

Here is a video of him with English subtitles from 2012.  He has a lively style. (turn on English captions in youtube)


2015 will be the 4th such conference.  Last year 700 people attended, and this year over 1000 are expected.  The conferences have become an important political event in Germany.  Last year one of Germany's most respected elder statesman, Egon Bahr, (wikipedia) gave a moving speech.

This year, Ron Paul will address the conference via live video link from the US.  Take a look at the short promotional video below, it gives a good sense of what the conference is like.

Russia Insider editor Charles Bausman will be attending the conference this year, along with several of the RI team.   We will post information about who from our team will be there.  

We think it is one of the most interesting conference events of the year, and will be glad to see our readers there.

If you are interested in going, please send us your name (pseudonyms are fine), and an email address, in the form at the bottom of this page, so that we can be in touch with you.  We will organize a side event around the conference.

Click here to go to the conference description at Compact magazine.  It is only in German, but Google Translate should work well enough.  One can pay in advance and also pay at the door.  

Simultaneous translation will be provided into English at the conference.

To quote Kennedy:   "All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin."

See you in Berlin!

Click here for the program



Translation of German conference description

COMPACT magazine has the "Courage to Truth" to state loud and clear: Germany is still an occupied country. We are a military protectorate and an economic colony of the United States. TTIP is the Versailles treaty of the 21st century. The new NS-dictatorship is NSA's dictatorship.

Our mission: Freedom for Germany!

That is what the next COMPACT Conference for Sovereignty is all about: It will be held in Berlin October the 24th 2015 under the title "Freedom for Germany" and will be dedicated to pressing issues of national sovereignty: "To end each occupation! For peace in Europe!".

Edward Snowden proved with documents what many have previously only suspected:
The US have built on every continent a colonial dictatorship. We are being spied on, overheard, monitored. The Empire's censors dominate our media. Google, Facebook and Apple control our secret thoughts. Virtual footprints that we leave behind are like traces of blood, which the NAS sleuths eagerly snoop after.

This campaign of the Anglo-Saxon predator capitalists has started a hundred years ago. With the founding of the Federal Reserve by the most powerful private financial sharks a paper money juggernaut arose that survives solely through constant destruction of material resources. Any country that refuses to hand out these goods voluntarily is covered with war

Germany is an irreplaceable cornerstone in this strategy. From Ramstein air base heavy US military equipment is sent off to supply the new eastern front, from Stuttgart the killer drones' targets are programmed

But the top of "God's Own Country", who want to rule the entire planet, also understand very clearly: We are the people of "Putin-understanders". Even German businessmen do not believe in the demonization of the Kremlin chief. If we get rid of the US occupation, Uncle Sam can close shop. That is why they deny us is our sovereignty, democracy and constitution.

Shall we tolerate this any longer? COMPACT says no to the dictatorship by NSA, CIA and US-Army and presents at the 4th Conference for Sovereignty strategies for peace and freedom in Germany and all of Europe!

Ticket prices

Ticket price | EUR 99,00

Tickets for COMPACT subscribers | EUR 50,00

After show-party | EUR 8.80