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RI Nonsense Detector: 'Russia to Stop Ferrying US Astronauts to ISS After April 2019'

RT: Russia to stop ferrying US astronauts to ISS from April 2019

Zero Hedge: Russia To Stop Carrying US Astronauts To The Space Station In April

Wow, what an interesting story! So after April 2019 the Americans will be cut off from the International Space Station?

Not exactly, it turns out merely that the current contract the US and Russia have for the latter to carry American astronauts to the joint US-Russian-European-Japanese-Canadian space station runs out next year. But in the very text of the RT article one can read:

“This is a working issue. The current contract ends, but it doesn’t mean that we’ll stop delivering American astronauts on the ISS. There’ll be other contracts. No tough measures are implemented,” he [Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov] said. 

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Thus their very own article actually refutes the headline with the almost exact opposite information: Russia will most likely continue ferrying American astronauts well past next April and into the foreseeable future, as long as the price is right (it is about $80 million per seat currently).  

Hey we get it, gotta keep those clicks coming in...but at the cost of such misleading headlines?

Here at RI we believe that readers, particularly our readers aren't stupid. We believe what you don't publish is as important as what you do. We won't post something we think is actually a non-story even if it would get eyeballs on our site, and while we think it's key of good headline writing to highlight the most important and interesting part of any story we won't make a piece of news seem more important than we really think it is. 

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