Residents of Besieged Syrian City Remain Defiant: ‘We’re Not Afraid of ISIS. Even Our Women Can Take up Arms’ (VIDEO)

All they have to eat are lima beans, but they'll never surrender

Syria's eastern city of Deir Ez Zor has been under siege by ISIS for the last three years. And despite living on only one meal a day (cuisine made from lima beans, apparently), residents remain defiant.

In the video below, a man explains how at this point, ISIS is the least of their worries. As for the women of Deir Ez Zor? They're ready to take up arms to defend their city.


(By the way, the number of civilians under siege is probably closer to 100,000.)

And when the siege is finally lifted, Amnesty International will probably release a report accusing Assad of mass atrocities committed against residents.

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