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Report: US Boots on the Ground in Syria by June

US troops would likely occupy Syria as part of Trump's "safe zone" plan

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

UPDATE: According to Cernovich, US boots on the ground wouldn't be for "safe zones" — Trump's National Security Advisor wants "full-scale war".

The Pentagon has drawn up plans for more boots on the ground in Syria by June or sooner, according to independent journalist Mike Cernovich

<figcaption>Terrible idea</figcaption>
Terrible idea

US Special Forces are already operating in northern Syria, and "hundreds" of US marines have been deployed near Raqqa to assist with the assault on ISIS' capital. 

If Cernovich is correct, more boots on the ground would likely mean that Washington will try to enforce "safe zones" in Syria. 

Trump has repeatedly expressed support for safe zones in Syria.  But what is a "safe zone"? It's just a nice word for partitioning off parts of Syria that will be occupied (sorry, "protected") by foreign invaders. 

Here's more on that, via the Guardian, which of course loves the idea:

Safety and security is the underlying and critical requirement for the safe zone. I gauge that the regime will now stop dropping barrel bombs and chemical weapons indiscriminately on civilians. Security of the safe zone in this area could be supported by ships in the eastern Mediterranean with radar and missiles. This would negate the need for coalition aircraft to fly in “Syrian and Russian” airspace, which is guarded by anti-aircraft assets. Security on the ground must be policed by UN monitors and troops, who proved effective in Aleppo after the evacuation. Foreign secretary Boris Johnson has already suggested that British troops could lead this role.

We like how "Syrian airspace" is in scare-quotes — as if it's not really Syrian airspace, but instead belongs to the US or UK or Moloch. 

It's a pretty straight-forward plan: If the US isn't allowed to bomb whoever it wants in Syria, it will simply occupy parts of Syria in order to "protect" Syrians from Assad and his "chemical attacks". 

Then comes formal partition. 

Mission accomplished. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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